Resin Flooring Solution at 3D Royal Floors

At 3D Royal Floors, we are dedicated to providing our customers with their choice of a wide assortment of high quality custom designs that are guaranteed. We have experience in residential, industrial, and commercial applications of resin flooring. We keep up with the latest information in the market so that we may provide our customers with the best products available, part of our dedication to them. Our prompt and reliable service is certain to please you as well.

The simplest of our residential options are plain colored resin floors. We can place these over cement or tile floor surfaces in addition anhydrite and magnetite. These are super easy to keep clean and look great for many work areas as well. We offer you four finishes for your solid floor, including flat, satin, gloss and semi-gloss.

commercial floor

These floors are an incredible value because they do not require the same cleaning and maintenance procedures that traditional flooring demands. We pour epoxy resin and polyurethane in self-leveling formulas that reflect light, providing a beautiful finish and reducing the need for additional room lighting. The seamless surface has a non-slip surface and is resistant to light and weather damage, making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.


Our offerings include more than 150 base color options. In addition, we have more than 190 flake selections that can be used to create a stone or sparkly appearance. These are applied directly after the self-leveling resin has been poured.

Click here to see color effect on your floor

The first step in our basic application involves placing a primer coat that prepares the surface and provides a base for the resin to adhere. After the self-leveling coat and any added flakes have set, we top the floor application with a top coat to seal it.

We have many satisfied commercial clients who appreciate the benefits of having resin flooring in their businesses. The floors are incredibly durable and resist damage from chemicals and other liquids that could spill on them. They are also able to withstand a great deal of weight.



The resin flooring is resistant to burns, which means dropped cigarettes are unlikely to cause any serious damage to it. Some companies even incorporate designs or their logo into the floor, improving the aesthetic value of the room. These are popular in many types of businesses, including schools, entertainment centers and offices. They increase the worth of the building and make it easier to maintain.

Our multi-colored resin flooring provides our customers with a huge selection of options to truly customize their home or commercial space. These modern designs are a great addition to any home and combinations involving the more than 150 colors are endless. The process is the same as with our single color flooring, except a scratch coat is applied between the primer and the decorative coat.


These floors have the same resistance to dust and high levels of durability. They are warmer than many other types of flooring and reduce the amount of noise that is transferred when people walk or perform other activities on it.

The most dramatic selection we offer is the 3D resin flooring that London residents are raving about. One of the things that make these so incredible is that they can also be applied to walls, creating a truly stunning visual effect for residents and guests alike.



This seamless application is more than 3 mm thick, making it incredibly durable. It has the same strength and slip resistance as our other resin flooring. However, you get to select the image beneath the application. The 3D effect is amazing, transforming the room into a different place. Whether you choose a beach scene or a dramatic waterfall, the image will help you to relax. We have professional services that can transform your image into a lovely design that can be professionally painted, if you so choose. Our team can also print the image on multiple sheets of paper and apply them seamlessly to your floor.


Contact our office for a free quote. Make certain that you know what type of design or additions you may want in addition to the area being covered. Our experts will be happy to provide you with all of the information you require.


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