What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy is made by mixing resins and hardeners to form a rigid plastic material that is very strong, bonds extremely well to its substrate and resistant to degradation. Epoxy flooring is done using this material, which is extremely strong and could be used even within the most demanding industrial environment. Have you ever wanted a floor that is strong, easy to maintain, looks fantastic and durable? Then you need to look no further than the epoxy flooring option.

Epoxy floors are made by applying multiple layers of epoxy which is installed on the floor to a depth of up to 2-3 millimeters. An epoxy floor that is less than two millimeters is referred to as a epoxy floor coating. These types of floors have become extremely popular in today’s society due to the easy maintenance and durability factors of them. There are many industrial and warehouse complexes, which are using the epoxy floor concept within their premises. Even the latest residential complexes are shifting to this latest technology when it comes to designing the floors. The extreme popularity of the epoxy floor has been able to arouse the curiosity of the average homeowner too. Modern homeowners are incorporating this concept when it comes to laying the flooring component of their homes. Such is the popularity of the epoxy floor today.

epoxy resin floor

There are many types of epoxy floors that you can choose from. The self leveling epoxy floor is extremely strong. Thus, are used in high traffic and heavy use areas. The self dispersing epoxy flooring consisting of quartz sand is similar to the earlier type but it includes anti-slip properties. Mortar epoxy floors are the strongest floors available today. The graveled epoxy floor is the most decorative out of them all, and the hardest to lie. These floors include very good anti-slippery properties too. The epoxy anti-static floors are used in areas where there should not be any static present at all and also sensitive environments. The epoxy terrazzo floors are great looking and decorative. These floors are used in larger areas. Epoxy flaked floors use colored chips and flakes for decorative purposes. These floors are quite rough with good anti-slippery properties. The flakes are available in different colors for an exotic appearance on the floor.

In conclusion, epoxy flooring will help to give your property a great appearance and much required strength and durability to the floor.



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