9 Stunning 3D Floor Designs for Home or Business

The Best 3D Designs for 3D Epoxy Floors are supplied by 3D Royal Floors.

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The trend in decorating these days leans toward bolder colours and designs. Accent walls are not the only feature reflecting this trend. Floors too are showing a new individuality. The 3D floor designs below demonstrate a unique option that would work well in office, commercial setting or your own home. A colourful resin floor would really make your rec room, porch or play room pop! Below are the nine samples of stunning floor designs-

1. Imagine walking into a room and being instantly transported to an ocean floor strewn with sea shells. The rich earth tones of this shell-scrape create warmth in any room. Definitely a conversation piece in a rec room or kid’s plays area, but don’t rule out other options!


2. You will feel like you’re swimming with dolphins every time you enter a room with this 3D floor. The picture is so real you feel a part of the scene. This character looks like she’s eager for a good game of chase!


3. A bed of colorful pebbles would look great on a screened-in porch or bathroom floor. Add a shower made of river rock and you have a winning combination! The rich brown and rust tones mixed with grays and alabasters add to the a esthetics. There may even be a sprinkling of blue sea glass hiding in there.


4. The ocean and its inhabitants are not the only theme these 3D epoxy floors have to offer. How about a room full of red tulips, calling to mind the poppy fields in The Wizard of Oz! This floor pattern with its bright colours and flower theme exudes warmth that can’t help but elevate one’s mood.


5. This winter setting with its tall white birch trees is an optical illusion, requiring you to look down to see the winter sky in all its glory!


6. More birches; different season. This forest scene makes you want to stop what you’re doing and follow that path that leads off into the woods.


7. Here is another forest path that calls to the wanderlust in all of us. The black and white is an interesting touch.


8. This summer scene surrounds you with greens and blues reeds and water. The half sunken boat adds to the ambience. It could be the everglades or a rice field in Vietnam – or your work room.


9. Can you smell the pines in this scene? The sprinklings of yellow leaves on the ground tell us its autumn, but what room are you in?


The above are just a sprinkling of the multitude of choices available in these unique resin floors. Whether in a residential or commercial setting, these self-leveling, durable floors add character and a unique look to any room.

For more 3D designs for 3D epoxy floors click HERE



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